South Shore Innovation

ssinnovation South Shore Innovation is a community of suburban entrepreneurs helping others discover their passions, merge these passions with their ideas, learn through collaboration how to start a company and how to run a company better, and launch successful businesses.

What’s different about us? 

We are focused on supporting suburban entrepreneurs as spokes to the Boston Innovation Hub. Suburban entrepreneurs are a little bit older, perhaps a little bit wiser, and have life responsibilities that they cherish but that become obstacles to entrepreneurship — responsibilities such as a spouse, children, a mortgage, and often a full-time job.

What do we believe? 

We believe that people in the suburbs often have great ideas and, due to their life and work experiences, these ideas are often better vetted and less whimsical; however, there are greater personal and financial barriers to starting a company than with the younger entrepreneurs who have recently left a university and who still have ties to mentors. We believe that we can support a new way of starting a company that lowers the risk and improves the chances of success.

What do we do? 

We have weekly Innovation Round Table discussions with people other than our spouses, who are typically tired of repeatedly hearing all the details of our ideas and work passions. We have special events geared at learning and stimulating creative thinking, like the Startup Story SLAM. We are developing a School of Startup program that will allow entrepreneurs and innovators to learn in hands-on, interactive studio classes. We connect cool people with other cool people and get them to work together. We mentor, advise and share our knowledge, thoughts and ideas.