Savor the Flavor: Food Sampling at the QCI


Savor the Flavor, a food sampling event aimed at promoting and benefiting the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center’s (BCNC) contributions to the community, took place on June 6th at the Quincy Center for Innovation in the afternoon from 1 to 3 pm. The BCNC is renowned for hosting events and providing assistance to immigrants. The organization helped thousands find opportunities and allowed them to easily assimilate into American culture and society while preserving their own. What better way to further this than to host an event filled with food?

The event included a sampling of different types of Asian food including Japanese Sushi, Chinese dumplings, Vietnamese Chicken Salads and more. The food at the event was provided by numerous participating restaurants that included JP Fuji Group, CJ Restaurant and Bar, and Grand Chinatown. Participants came from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups including a student from North Quincy High School, named Shou Chen and Lisa Chen, an adult graduate. The Mayor of Quincy, Thomas Koch, was also in attendance. After the event JP Fuji Group was selected as the best among the group of participating restaurants. The event was a great opportunity to help gather the people in the city, newcomers and residents alike, and allow them to be a part of something special. The event also further advanced the popularity of Asian food in the community and created an even greater appetite for the city.

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Quincy Mayor Tom Koch (Left) with BCNC Executive Director, Giles Li.

Image courtesy of Vincent Hohn.

Savor-the-Flavor-Selina-Chow_Nina_LiangNina Liang, Office Manager of JP Fuji Group (Left) and Selina Chow, BCNC Board President.

Image courtesy of Vincent Hohn.