QCI Launch

Quincy Chamber of Commerce Expands to 12,500 Square Foot Facility and
Plans to Launch Quincy Center for Innovation


JULY 22, 2013 (Quincy , MA) – Quincy 2000 Collaborative, the economic development agency of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Eastern Nazarene College, South Shore Innovation, and the City of Quincy, is launching the Quincy Center for Innovation at ENC’s Old Colony Business Administration Building located at 180 Old Colony Avenue in Quincy.

“Business growth and entrepreneurship are at the heart of our City’s great future, and the new Quincy Center for Innovation is a great example of what can happen when our stakeholders in government, business and the community come together and think creatively about ways to promote and sustain new growth in our City. The Chamber of Commerce and ENC deserve great credit for this exciting initiative, and I am thrilled that the City of Quincy will be a partner,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch.

The 12,500 square foot facility will become home to the Quincy Center for Innovation (QCI). The QCI will provide an inexpensive and flexible office environment with a variety of support services to assist start-up companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. The innovative space will be the ideal environment for co-working and collaboration, supporting start-ups and early phase companies.

A variety of events, education, programs and one-on-one mentoring will be made available, as well as access to an extensive network of industry experts providing assistance as these companies grow and expand.

“As we became immersed in our efforts to attract bio-tech and life science companies to Quincy, we learned that an innovation center is often the breeding ground for young entrepreneurs in many of the emerging industries thriving throughout the state whom we hope to attract,” said Dean Rizzo, President of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of Quincy 2000 Collaborative. “We are extremely grateful to Eastern Nazarene College for their partnership and support which has made our vision a reality.”

The anticipated launch date of the QCI is September 1, although the Quincy Chamber staff and several participating companies in the program will move to 180 Old Colony Avenue as early as mid-August.

Donna Mavromates, Vice President of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, will assume the position of Director of the Quincy Innovation Center.  Margaret Laforest has been hired as the Director of Marketing and Tourism for the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, roles that Mavromates had previously filled.

Laforest was previously employed by Historic New England and has extensive experience in both marketing and tourism and will work with visitor sites and Quincy Chamber businesses to strengthen their online presence and social media strategies.  “Having a family history in Quincy that dates back to the 1890’s, I’ve always been a passionate advocate for Quincy and its rich history. I am proud to accept the role of Director of Tourism and Marketing for the Quincy Chamber of Commerce that will promote our city’s historic and recreational assets, especially our coastline, helping others Discover Quincy.”

Additional details about the Quincy Center for Innovation will be forthcoming in August.